Yahoo Cycling Team

Members of the Yahoo Cycling team are prepped and ready for race in Sacramento.

TOUR OF CALIFORNIA: Recently got an opportunity to work with Christopher Daniels, a friend/photographer of mine, to photograph the Yahoo Cycling Team before their race in the AMGEN Tour of California in Sacramento. The team photo consisted of all the members that took place in the race, which ultimately had the team place 2nd and 3rd on the podium. (complete set available on flickr as well). Continue reading

First night in Paris

IMG_0035 (1)

My visual take of the much heard of metro stations and cobblestone streets.

PARIS AFTER DARK: After taking a much needed nap on day of arriving in Paris, I woke up to find the Paris skies darkened and the streets lit up. Despite being super hunger I went ahead and ignored my stomach growling and spent a little like taking photos of my first nights views of Paris. Continue reading