Seek out the treats

The three girls lead the pack with their bags in hand ready to seek out the eggs.

EASTER WEEKEND: With the prospect of two nieces from down South visiting during Spring Break, Giaolinh and I decided (last minute and with good intentions) to have the first Easter Egg hunt for the kids. All the girls were adorned in elegant dresses, with their hair in curls looking rather mature for their age—not that we want them to grow up too fast. As usual our son, the only boy amongst the kids, was also spiffed-up in long sleeve dress shirt and slacks looking quite suave. Continue reading

Aviation Museum

Aviation_museum  2857

BOYS HANGOUT: Rather than go out as a lovey-dovey couple this past Valentine’s Day, we separated into two couples doing different activities. Couple #1 was Giaolinh and our daughter, Mai-Quyen; I was left with my son, Mai-Khoi. The gals went to Santana Row, and the guys went to the Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. Continue reading