Marco’s 1957 Beetle

Classic ’57 oval window VW Beetle: Long overdue photos finally uploaded, from shoot in Ecuador in the summer of 2010.
The Beetle included floral arrangement on the hood in preparation for Ivonne & Christopher’s wedding that evening. Marco Villacis spent a lot of time and money to get this ’57 Beetle customized just the way he wanted, complete with the ragtop roof imported from California with the help of sister Ivonne. Continue reading

My new old commuter

MY AUTOBOT BLUESTREAK: I recently switched my daily commuter from a Volvo SUV to this 1973 240z. Definitely a fun commuter car. I wouldn’t say it’s fuel efficient but riding low and shifting manually is a thrill to behold on a daily basis. Continue reading

Beer is the new Black


The clear amber color of Fuller’s London Pride Pale Ale (4.7% alcohol) was ideal to wash down some of the hearty barbecued fillet Mignon.

WHAT TO PICK: So when it comes to wine, there are many choices and decisions to be made. Should I go with red or white? That means I have to first decide to have it with a meat or seafood entrée, what’s the choice if I don’t eat meat and just devour living plants? Should I go for what the cute lady at Trader Joes is suggesting or go with the Pinot Noir from that wino movie, Sideways? Oh No!…I am drinking red wine in a tall fluted glass instead of a deep well glass with the super thin stem—the wine police will come after me. With beer it seems to be much simpler—no temperature controlled wine cabinet or not enough legs issues.

Pop the cap on the bottle and gulp it down. That’s it.

Actually a little more thought and action should be done than just that. In general, beer goes good with just about any meal. Whether it be gourmet or grub, it’s quenches your thirst and helps to savor your meal down to the last morsel. Here are some recent beers I’ve had the strenuous job of picking out at a local BevMo. Continue reading

My new Canon 1Ds

CAMERA FETISH: So I splurged recently and got myself a new Canon 1Ds with 50mm 1.2L lens. Such a sweet professional body with integrated grip and weather sealing throughout the magnesium alloy casing. No more excuses that I am technically held back and don’t have the right equipment—this is it, the flagship model. Heck, it does not  have 1080p video capture that my 5Dmkii has, but that feature is overrated at the moment. Why take moving pictures when you can just stand back and admire the still photos shown herein. Continue reading

Aviation Museum

Aviation_museum  2857

BOYS HANGOUT: Rather than go out as a lovey-dovey couple this past Valentine’s Day, we separated into two couples doing different activities. Couple #1 was Giaolinh and our daughter, Mai-Quyen; I was left with my son, Mai-Khoi. The gals went to Santana Row, and the guys went to the Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. Continue reading