Cat’s Hill Classic ’09

Cats_Hill 3277Competitors lined up at the starting point and ready to follow the motorcycle lead.

PERFORMANCE CYCLING: In anticipation of my new Specialized Roubaix bike arriving in the coming week, I attended the Cat’s Hill Classic 36th annual bicycle race in Los Gatos, CA. After years of on doing wedding photography and portrait sessions, my first foray into cycling photography is a welcomed change and challenge. The afternoon was complete with gray clouds looming overhead with the possibility of showers—that amounted to ideal lighting conditions. Below are highlight photos from the race (complete set available on flickr as well).

Cats_Hill 3290This photo, at the start of the race, foreshadowed Jackson Stewart confidently as the winner of the race.

Cats_Hill 3585Really amazing to experience firsthand how fast the cyclist zoom by—wouldn’t want to be clipped by one them.

Cats_Hill 3316Taking the wide turn at Bean and Tait.

Cats_Hill 3708

Cats_Hill 4130_r1
An aspiring cyclist pedals nearby a VW Scirocco own by a cycling enthusiast—brings back memories for me in many ways.

Cats_Hill 3841

Cats_Hill 4076 r1

The Men’s Pro team heading up the hill (23% grade) on Nicholson Ave.

Cats_Hill 4029 r1

Cats_Hill 4168A pan-n-zoom shot showing the adrenaline and chaotic view of the racers.

Cats_Hill 4063 r1

Cats_Hill 4148

Cats_Hill 4004 r1
Here’s a time trial bike from BMC in all its carbon fiber glory and precision components.

Cats_Hill 4049

Cats_Hill 4078 r1Various equipment and cycling gear with branding plastered everywhere you look on the race course.

Cats_Hill 4079

Cats_Hill 4411A glimpse just meters from the finish line…

Cats_Hill 4413Even before it was confirmed, Jackson Stewart was self-assured that he had passed the finish line victoriously with his fist pump to the sky.

NOTE: All photos were shot documentary style using available light and any motion blurs/effects were done in-camera utilizing panning and/or zooming techniques. SEE COMPLETE SET ON FLICKR.

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