Seek out the treats

The three girls lead the pack with their bags in hand ready to seek out the eggs.

EASTER WEEKEND: With the prospect of two nieces from down South visiting during Spring Break, Giaolinh and I decided (last minute and with good intentions) to have the first Easter Egg hunt for the kids. All the girls were adorned in elegant dresses, with their hair in curls looking rather mature for their age—not that we want them to grow up too fast. As usual our son, the only boy amongst the kids, was also spiffed-up in long sleeve dress shirt and slacks looking quite suave.


Proceeding across the grass cautiously as to not crush the eggs.


Along with sweets there were also eggs filled with coins as well as bills stuffed inside.

IMG_3267 copy


Bobo got the special extra-large green egg which contained a Hot Wheel vehicle, that’s his reward for being patient with all the girls.

IMG_3375 copy

Sitting and opening the eggs.



This little lady goofed around the grass rather than seek out eggs.


Happy little man with his Snickers bar treat.

5 thoughts on “Seek out the treats

  1. awww !!! They look adorable! Did you take these to put on your magazine? btw thanks chu liem for sending these pics i like them alot!!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Tini. These aren’t for a magazine, just keeping record of recent photo shoots using site for portrait clients.


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