My new Canon 1Ds

CAMERA FETISH: So I splurged recently and got myself a new Canon 1Ds with 50mm 1.2L lens. Such a sweet professional body with integrated grip and weather sealing throughout the magnesium alloy casing. No more excuses that I am technically held back and don’t have the right equipment—this is it, the flagship model. Heck, it does not  have 1080p video capture that my 5Dmkii has, but that feature is overrated at the moment. Why take moving pictures when you can just stand back and admire the still photos shown herein.


That is until you realize that either the over-sized Wall-E is really strong, I’ve done some Photoshop trickery, or my new camera is just an undersized fetish item for photo geeks.


Shown here next to a 1:50 scale of VW beetle and a 1:87 scale Shelby Cobra concept car (both from Hot Wheels).


Got to admit though, it’s a beautifual piece of product design at any size.


No detail was spared with this mini EOS version.


Don’t worry, its normally displayed up high on a shelf away from Bobo (looming in the background).

© Liem Nguyen

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